Cervical Cancer Training

The training for Cervical cancer as a silent killer in Nigeria and the importance of the HPV vaccine was conducted on the 9th of August,2020 in Katagum local government Bauchi state by Dr. Umar Bakoshi. 22 GIRIF volunteers were trained in which we planned that after the
training each person will train a group of 10 people so that the information can go very long to the community members.

The following are the contents of what was discussed during the training:
1. Epidemiology of cervical cancer, incidence.
2. Cervical cancer, signs and symptoms, causes, types of cervical cancer, treatment, risk factors, screening test, and prevention.
Positive impact after the training: Girif volunteers have started conducting households visits, community dialogue, and compound
meeting in order to create awareness to the community members about cervical cancer and also advise them to go for a PAP smear
screening and if test negative they should kindly go and receive HPV vaccine.

Also on the 25th of August, 2020, GIRIF volunteers paid an
advocacy visit to some philanthropists in Karagum local government Bauchi state and ask for their support in supporting the community women, especially with the screening fee and also the vaccine due to it cost.

Trainer:- Dr. Umar Bakoshi
Location: Urban Maternity Azare, Comunity. Bauchi State
Date: 09/08/2020


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