Human Papillomavirus and other STIs were extensively discussed, with a practical demonstration on Saturday. Adolescents where given
the opportunity to express themselves in relation to their sexual lives and well-being.
Parents should get involved in the sexual life of their children because a lot was discussed on Saturday and most parents are not aware
what their children are capable of doing.

The importance of the HPV vaccine and the Pap smear examination were discussed in detail and with relevant global statistics.
In a time like this when people take a lot of health-related issues for granted, a time when ladies get reinfected with a particular disease,
a time when normal things about health are done abnormally thereby posing real dangers to the victim, a time when rumor, myths and
misconceptions kilsl faster than cancer, a time when sex has become a major channel of infections, a time when the HPV vaccine is more
expensive and ladies are not aware of its importance and a time when relationship issues among young people affect mental health
This is the time to talk about it.

Be with us at shinning light Fast Food, Rukpokwu PH as we dissect these matters in the ladies’ room.
See the flyer for more details.
If you missed Naked Matters 1.0 you missed a lot😊

#cervicalcancer #cervicalcancerawareness #hpv #hpvawareness #sexualhealth #sexeducation
Location: Shipping Light Event Hall, Airport Road, Rukpokwu, PH
Date: 28/11/2020


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